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Here are several links that were extremely useful for developing our projects:

Auric's Ultima Moongates
  • Great site! Complete list of city maps and conversation data.
Updated Ultima4 Tileset
  • Updated map tile set and text for 256 colour graphics. Created by Aradindae Dragon (Joshua Steele) & Wiltshire Dragon (R. Wiener)
Let's Play Ultima
  • Great for screenshot and text-wording (till I started reading the binary files). Very funny dialogue and good for those who have finished the game.
Ultima 4 Cheat Sheet
  • Useful little reference sheet. Bacame a check-list for me to make sure I had implemented everything in the game.
Dino's Ultima Page
  • Useful summary of monsters, their experience point value, and a summary of their special attacks.
Line of Sight Algorithm
  • Algorithm that was used for Ultima 4 tile LOS. Even compares U3 vs U4.