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About Phi Psi Software?

Ok, so what is Phi Psi Software?
Phi Psi Software is a game company devoted to building the kinds of games that seem to have gotten lost in the recent batch of fancy 3D special effects laden 100+ team epics. Rather than focusing on thumb-twitch gameplay, we want to build games with rich stories and characters. We want worlds with lasting significance rather than momentary special effects.


What’s with the funny symbols?
Glad you asked… when I was a university student I learned how to take short-form for larger words when writing notes during seminars. The greek letter Φ or “phi” (rhymes with sigh) was the short form of the word philosophy; moreover the symbol Ψ or “psi” (sounds like sigh) was the quick way to write the word psychology. So Phi Psi is meant to represent software that appeals to the philosophy and psychology of games.


Ok Philosophy & Psychology… so what?
Well here’s what it means for our games. If you think about philosophy, you generally think of big systems, or the way that people look at understanding their world around them. For psychology, most people tend to see that as the way that people react to the world inside their head. In this way, you can think of philosophy as the macro (outside) setting of a game world, and psychology as the micro (internal) characters of that world. Both are important for telling great stories. We feel they are also important for making great games.


Why not Psi Phi, because then it sounds like sci-fi?
Sure we could have done that. You may have heard of a cable channel with that name (if you add a few ‘y’s). But actually this reversal also means something for our games and our whole approach to designing them. Usually in trying to understand how future events will ‘play-out’, you need to be able to understand the history of the events that resulted in where you are now. So with Phi Psi Software we’re going to try to build worlds that reach back into the past to try to build compelling worlds, characters, and conflicts. In this way we hope to then reach into the future to make the games that can only be dreamt about today.